Code of Ethics

           The ethical foundation of Frontier Advisors was set many years ago when our founder first took the Honor Code of the United States Air Force Academy, which states:

“We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.”

           This simple but powerful statement guides him and this firm today.  In addition, Frontier Advisors, LLC has adopted the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute’s (CFA Institute, or CFAI) Code of Ethics as a much more detailed and appropriate guide for an investment firm.  We adopted the CFAI Code of Ethics for two simple reasons:

  • The Founding Principal of the firm is a CFA charterholder and must abide by the CFAI Code of Ethics, so it makes sense that the rest of the firm abides by the same high standard;

  • There is no higher or more proper ethical standard within the investment industry so far as we have found.

           We invite you to visit the CFA Institute’s website for more information about the Institute and the charter one can earn through them at