About the Firm

           Frontier Advisors, LLC is a state-registered (CO and VA, with clients around the country) asset management firm that provides discretionary portfolio management services for individual investors, small businesses, and foundations.  We spend the majority of our research efforts on asset allocation and portfolio construction, looking for the most effective ways to offer our clients exposure to the many asset classes available in today’s marketplace in order to grow their assets and diversify their risk.  Our top-down approach to portfolio construction allows us to focus on the main issues driving global economies and markets over the long-term instead of getting lost in the day-to-day gyrations of the trader’s market.

           Notably, Frontier Advisors firmly believes that competent portfolio management and superlative service should not cost what the vast majority of the industry charges.  Professional portfolio management requires a certain degree of knowledge and skill that demands a fair price, but the fees the industry has gotten used to are indefensible and the damage high fees and excessive trading have caused to the investing public over the years is unconscionable. Our goal is to create broadly diversified, efficient portfolios for our clients while keeping fees, expenses, and taxes to an absolute minimum.