The Frontier Advisors Client Experience

           While our focus is and will always be firmly on portfolio management, we also know that our clients need to fully understand their portfolio before they can appreciate how their assets are invested.  We strive to provide fully transparent portfolios and to offer a variety of different ways to assess your portfolio’s performance.  We will communicate every decision we make and reply to every question you have about how the portfolio is being managed.  If you are not completely comfortable with what we are doing with your assets then we are not doing our job properly as a firm.

           Very importantly, we want our clients to be fully engaged with their portfolios and hope they never hesitate to ask us questions or offer feedback – in fact, we seek out that kind of client!  Your portfolio should be something you feel good about, and your relationship with us should feel like a partnership.  Along those lines, to each client we offer the following:

For better advice…

  • A direct line to those constructing your portfolio, with no sales intermediaries keeping you at arms length from decision-makers;
  • Complete transparency into what you own and why;
  • Reasoned, well-informed answers to your questions about finance, the markets, the economy, or investing in general;
  • A personal research team to work on issues that potentially affect your portfolio;
  • A partner on your journey toward your investment goals;
  • Someone to fill the investment hole in your team of personal advisors (we complement your team of accountant, lawyer, etc.).

For better portfolio construction…

  • A professionally constructed portfolio that takes into account past, present, and possible future paths for global markets and economies and agrees with your tolerance for risk and need for growth, cash flow, etc.;
  • A portfolio that includes the asset classes that matter, excludes those that do not, and weights them appropriately to maximize growth and minimize risk;
  • A professionally managed portfolio, rebalanced and tax managed as necessary and appropriate;
  • A professional eye on potential risks to your portfolio;
  • A clear and intuitive way to track and account for your portfolio’s progress next to several relevant benchmarks.

 For lower, more reasonable costs…

  • Complete transparency into the fees you are paying and where they are going;
  • A fee structure that is a fraction of the industry average and one that is far more reasonable given what is and is not possible in investment management;
  • A pledge to always keep cost minimization as part of the process when making investment decisions.